Pop-up club, café, gallery; open daily.
Temporary platform for new ideas and approaches.
From 4th to 27th of November 2022.

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4. 11. Fri 19:00 MUSIC

NEONE: It’s opening

DJ Marcelle, Rama, Evil Medvěd & Keya AV, SBSTRD, Footclan, KEWU, AMB, mʊdʌki, Special guest


We have built ourselves a new home. A home without threshold. But it wouldn’t be a true home without you and your spirit. Here is the plan – let’s start with Footclan. Your inner mass stroked by UK bass. First dose of AV treats came early by Evil Medvěd & Keya AV live. Rama will spread you all over the dance floor. DJ Marcelle knows the music genres you never heard of. KEWU the cook, never on loop – you won’t be able to get him out of your head. LALALA LALA LALA LALALA. AMB – AMBitious DJ newbie, full-on čaudy. Special guest – someone very special you can twerk to. Or speak about art. Or both. mʊdʌki – heartbroken beats for the very special morning’s farewell. Díkyčau. 

entry fee on the spot

350 Kč